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Course Content

    1. Judging Criteria - Learn exactly what the judges look for in the Wellness divisionn& common mistakes made

    1. Quarter Turn Poses - Learn how to execute your front, back and side poses

    1. Step by step break down of your footwork and arm fluency for 1/4 & 1/2 turns

    1. Learn your entrance on the stage for ICN, how to swap Lines, plus reset poses

    1. Learn complete choreography of your “V” walk for ICN SA & TAS

    1. Learn your entrance onto stage and how your introduced to the judges for ICN VIC & NSW

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  • 8 lessons
  • Video Tutorials

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ICN Australian Wellness Champion


“I only trust Nat when it comes to posing. I've only done 2 of her online sessions and already have learnt so much. Nat is always up to date with each federation and customises your posing to YOUR body. Nat is very intricate which every pose and transition. Can't wait to learn the walks and adding extra flow in our next sessions.”
ICN Wellness Australian Champion @

Excel Your Posing Faster for ICN Wellness