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Course curriculum

    1. Judging Criteria - Bikini- Sports - Fitness

    1. Quarter Turn Poses - Learn Front, Side & Back Poses

    1. Transitions - Learn All Your Foot Work & Arm Fluency

    1. Stage Walk - Swapping Lines & Waiting Poses

    1. Stage Etiquette, Call Outs & Pose Downs - What to do

About this course

  • $279.95
  • 5 lessons
  • Video Tutorials

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Posing coach Nat Kitney breaks down step-by-step every aspect of your Posing for the ICN Queensland, Tropix, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast. Learn judging criteria, your full routine, quarter turn poses, transitions plus complete stage etiquette. You will learn every aspect of your Posing and presentation and how to score highly for bikini sports and fitness.
Icn Queensland how to pose bikini fitness

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