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Meet Posing Coach

Nat Kitney

Worldwide Posing Coach Nat Kitney is an expert in all things online coaching. Her ability to clearly and concisely instruct your posing routine to the utmost precision comes from:
Nat Kitney posing coach online
  • Career of 10 plus years of Posing Coaching and working with thousands of clients

  • Working with Judges of federations such as NPC IFBB ICN ANB NBA

  • 12 + years professional dance and aerobics instructing back ground

She has an extraordinary eye for detail and is able to clearly and concisely instruct your posing routine with simple cues for success and efficient learning . Nat offers expert and up to date knowledge on judging criteria and how to score highly in your chosen division and federation through all her online tutorials.

💕 Client Love 💕

From NPC & ICN Pro Athletes

“Thank you for your time, love and support. You always encouraged me to believe in myself and with your attention to detail and perfectionism my posing improved significantly. Posing will always be a work in progress and I’m looking forward to working together in the future more.”

@aliecia_ifbbpro NPC Wellness

“The best online posing coach there is that makes you feel comfortable always helps you feel confident in all aspects. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Nat sends instructional videos to follow so you can practice and always have the videos. Hands down the best experience.”

@sarah85_t ICN Online Client

“I’m so thankful to have you on my journey from the very start, we will go all the way together”

@danitheopro NPC Wellness PRO

“There is no way I would have won my pro card without your expertise and advice. Your attention to detail and guidance were fundamental in helping me achieve my goals”

@32_v_b_ ICN Bikini PRO